The total duration of our Course varies from 40-60 days depending mostly on the handwriting and the speed of the student. A student with a good grasping power can also complete this course in 40 days. However, most of the students prefer to complete this course in 60 days for better understanding of concepts and good handwriting techniques.

This course is broadly divided into three levels depending on the skills and expertise of the students. Each level is scientifically as well as systematically designed and formulated for good understanding of the Calligraphy and for the Beautiful, Well Shaped and Speedy Writing.

Level 1(Foundation Level)

Level 1 is the initial level as it marks the foundation of learning Calligraphy. This level consists of basic shapes, structures, postures and different word making techniques. Level 1 is therefore known as Foundation Level which consists of properly designed 10 worksheets and notebooks for practicing Calligraphy.

Level 2(Ladder Level)

Level 2 follows immediately after the successful completion of Level 1. This level is known as the Ladder Level which is specifically targeted to explore the student’s capacity of writing the words properly and cleanly. The Ladder Level is specially designed to enhance the speed, accuracy and beautification of student’s letters and the overall handwriting. This level performs an extensive work on all the three languages (Hindi, English and the Numeric words).

Level 3(The Calligraphers)

Level 3 is the final level of the detailed calligraphy course. This level is known as The Calligraphers which aims in improving the accuracy and quality of student’s calligraphy text. This level consists of properly planned and well constructed worksheets which are especially designed to improve the overall writing of the student. The worksheets consist of unique words in different shapes, curves and structure. These practice worksheets helps us to evaluate how much extra effort we have to put in the student. After successfully completing the final level, the student masters the art of Calligraphy and along with builds confidence, speed and accuracy in his/her daily writing. The three different Levels from The Calligraphers not only improve the Calligraphy skills of the student but also groom his/her overall personality.

Fee Structure

The Calligraphers charge Rs 6000 for the complete course of learning Calligraphy along with a one-time registration fee of Rs 500. Each level is charged Rs 2000. The Calligraphers also covers the cost of basic materials required during the course such as worksheets, workbooks and posts.

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